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Feb 7 09 5:59 PM

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Since there are lot of re-enactors on this forum and many in the USA please read this. These were all stolen from my storage unit:

1) A 1918a2 BAR complete parts kit, including proper bipod and carrying handle as well as a sling, most parts are WWII dated and ten magazines It included an early Robery Landies Dummy receiver bought in 1994. The kit had the rare bolt guides and top cover. 
The receiver also includes an early Philadelphia Ordnance receiver from 1994. 

The barrel is dated 11/43 for New England Arms. The rifling is excellent with no pitting; gauged with CMP guage at 2. 

The rear sight on the receiver was a little bent, but there was a new sight with the extra parts. Magazines were still in paper and in a magazine belt marked Belt, Magazine, BAR M1937, 74-B-240, Concord -1951

2) A 1918a2 BAR parts kit with a cut receiver but with extra receiver parts (overlapping six pieces). Barrel was Winchester 1943. This kit had one magazine with it and a NOS bipod.
3) A 1919a4 complete parts kit from Iron Creations with an 80% side plate, tripod, 7.62 NATO barrel, 30-06 barrel, proper barrel boosters and cartridge stop for barrels.
4) A 1919a4 complete parts kit with loads of accessories and side plate; to include eight new cloth belts most still in plastic wrap, anti-aircraft sight, all new semi-auto internals from Black Bear MfG, 90% finished side plate (needed rivet holes drilled through as they were only partial), new scope mount for frame ( The gun was ex-Isreal Army in 7.62 but it was like new before being made into a parts kit. I purchased from a member of the 1919a4 forums who needed the money and I paid his price.
5) A complete conversion kit for the 1919a4 to 1919a6 from Iron Creations, mixed US and Israeli parts. All new, barrel 30-06
6) Czech ZK383 complete (rare) parts kit with most of touch cut receiver, and bi-pod. Wood stock was in good (-) condition and the front hand grip wood was much darker in color than the stock. Complete with magazine.
7) New Cobray 37mm Flare launcher with mounts for AR15/M16. New, never used.
8) A 1910 Maxim MG wheeled mount with piano shaped lock box plus shield mount pin and shield. Purchased from IMA as excellent condition.
9) MP34 Parts set, cut receiver, overall condition very good with magazine. In the ejection port (right side) are seven small notches that appear to have been made by a pry bar.  
10) PPSH 41 complete semi-auto kit, uncut trunion, 16" barrel mounted, new drilled barrel shroud for 16" barrel, semi-auto bolt and fire control unit. Six extra pieces of the vented cover for overlapping and extending the original vent cover. Two 72 round drum (with carriers) and four "stick" magazines. Kit was Polish and in excellent condition.
11) New repair section for front and rear of MG42 receiver for semi-auto build.
12) ZB 30 parts kit, torch cut, 8mm (7.92x57) barrel, one magazine, overall condition fair plus.
13) Lanchaster SMG parts kit with dummy receiver with 32 round magazine. Very good condition. Serial number 32300.
14) Lanchaster SMG parts kit with cut receiver, and 50 round magazine, very good condition.
15) FAL FN parts kit, cut receiver, included Para barrel in addition to standard as well as Para stock with standard stock and three magazines. Has 2 x USA made new gas pistons, extra stripped lower receiver three sets of pistol grips, two bolts, most parts for making two FAL semi-auto guns. One unfinished Century Arms receiver marked Century Arms, Georgia R1Aa made in USA. Included was instruction sheet for finishing receiver. Overall condition good plus.
16) Semi-auto MG 42/53 semi-auto pistol grip complete. New made, never unpacked.
17) Maxim Belt loader in wooden carrying case, for Russian WWII Maxim M1910. Excellent like new condition. Serial number 2005 on top of main unit. Manufactured by VKT. Instructions on use on inside lid right side held on with small nails. On outside of lid above  the carrying handle lid is stamped with the Finnish Army SA markings and inspectors stamp. Carrying handle marked KELLCKCSK.
18) AR10 Bayonet Sudanese M1959. Very good plus condition and rare.
19) Original mid-50's AR 10 receivers, saw cut, two fronts, three rear sections. Front sections marked Armalite AR10 mfd by (Armalite trade mark) Nederland. Bolt carrier, trigger unit, grips with retaining screw, hammer, and misc small parts; RARE.
20) MG 42 complete excellent German parts kit with three saw cut receiver. Front support not cut. Suppose to be a all matching gun. Rear of receiver marked 1943 but was cut through rest of markings. All of the other major parts that are waffenamted marked are from the same inspection stamp. Rear stock marked 1344 on left side as was the top feed cover.
21) MG 42 German torch cut receiver with some M53 parts, very good parts kit, has Canadian made Flat receiver parts that fit together with notches, inside rails complete with bipod. The receiver parts consisted of seven flat pieces, one of which was the main receiver part with all of the holes and stampings. It just needed to be folded and welded. The front of the receiver was cleaned and fitted with a new front unit that had not been welded yet. 
22) M53 Yugo torch four cut receiver, not cut at front, very good parts kit, complete with bipod. Top plate marked with the Yugo crest and serial number 56712.
23) DROR 1st model MG (machine rifle) kit in 303! Very rare, looks like M1944 Johnson LMG. Torch cut receiver, excellent two barrels and 3 extra magazines (look like Johnson MG magazines but in 303). Has extra bolt assembly, Wood very good.
24) DROR 2nd model MG (machine rifle) kit in 8mm (7.92x57). Torch cut receiver four pieces. Complete with four magazines. Very good plus.
25) DROR 2nd model MG (machine rifle) kit in 8mm (7.92x57). Torch cut receiver three pieces. Complete with magazine. Looks like new gun was cut, excellent condition.
26) DROR 2nd model MG (machine rifle) kit in 8mm (7.92x57). Torch cut receiver four pieces. Complete with four magazines. Good condition.
27) Suomi M31 excellent condition parts kit, cut receiver, complete with drum and stick magazine. Bottom plate for replacement of cut parts.
28) Suomi M31 excellent condition parts kit, cut receiver, complete with drum and stick magazine. Bottom plate for replacement of cut parts and semi-auto tube blank and 16" barrel.
29) Four Suomi M31 72 round drum magazines.
30) Suomi M31 excellent condition parts kit, cut receiver, complete with drum.
31) Suomi M31 excellent condition parts kit, cut receiver, complete with drum and 4 stick magazines.
32) Excellent condition M38 Beretta parts kit, cut receiver, one magazine, stock and receiver marked 13887.
33) Excellent condition M38a Beretta parts kit, cut receiver, one magazine. 
34) Beretta M38a kit with semi auto receiver and vented tube blank, extended flash suppressor for 16" barrel, 16" barrel, converted bolt, semi-auto trigger group,oiler, magazine pouch, four magazines, sling, cleaning kit. This was a complete kit to make a semi-auto M38a in very good plus condition.
35) Beretta M38a kit with some semi-auto conversion parts,  including a reduced diameter Prexis bolt ($75 value) for building an approved semi-auto version. The original 3-cut de-milled barrel (included had a hole drilled in the rear threaded area and half way up the barrel) was replaced with new 16" 9mm barrel; de-milled original receiver, a reduced dia. receiver tube with milling template (most holes were cut), converted bolt and firing/trigger group, one mag, orig. sling and mag pouch. Shroud is in excellent shape.
36) Complete saw cut MG34 receiver with cams, four pieces.
37) MG 34 three torch cut receiver. Excellent condition. Serial number 2570.
38) MG34 late war 1945 (DOT 45) parts kit. Unique is mostly metal stock unit as only rear is wood, about half is a checked round metal piece with only the butt stock being wood: this piece is marked 6851 at the front of checkering. Also the pistol grips are cast aluminum with small wooden inserts riveted in the grip. Finish of the gun is file rough as this is a very late war unit. Receiver was torch cut in three places. Very good barrel. Serial number on barrel shroud/trunion: "1239c" non-matching kit but complete.
39) MG 34 three torch cut receiver. Very good condition.
40) MG 34 trigger frame (pistol grip) complete with trigger and grips.
41) MG 42 Post warTripod (lafette) tan complete with everything.
42) MG34 tripod adapter unit, used to mount and fire MG 34 on MG 42 tripod.
43) Johnson 1941 LMG lower receiver with wooden stock. Good plus condition.
44) Johnson 1941 LMG front sight, good plus condition.
45) Johnson 1941 LMG 2 x 20-round magazines, 30-06
46) CETME parts kit, 7.63 NATO Barrel. Part of cut receiver missing but rest of kit there. Wood and barrel are nice.
47) Metal box with 10 BREN gun magazines, like new.
48) Wise Light semi-auto grip for MG 42, empty, new never used
49) MG 42 barrel in 7.62 NATO, like new, Austrian Army issue.
50) Remington Rolling Block carbine, 43 cal Egyptian. Nice looking saddle carbine in photographs in very as I never saw it as it was purchased from Gunbroker this fall and shipped to my Arizona address for storage.
51) MP34 magazines, two excellent condition
52) At least 15 cut MG34 separate receiver sections with overlapping units. 
53) MG 42 German parts kit, torch cut in four pieces but complete and front threads not cut. Good plus condition. With WWII tripod (Lafette) field grey, no scope.
54) MP 44 saw cut (three pieces) receiver. Nice condition.
55) ZB39 complete kit, very nice. No receiver parts but everything that fit onto or in the receiver.
56) Madsen LMG/Rifle excellent like new condition, in 8mm (7.92 x 57) with German markings, Complete kit and nice cuts on receiver. Includes bipod and magazine.
57)  Mid 1950's Armalite AR 10 Dutch made Sudanese parts kit, no receiver, good plus bore, rare kit.
58) MP44 Parts kit, very nice condition, torch cut receiver, four pieces. One magazine.
59) Round cardboard tube with six new DROR barrels in 8mm (7.92x57).
60) MP 28/II parts kit, complete with long semi-auto tube blank, this kit was in very good condition compared to others on the market and was complete to include the original three cut receiver. One magazine.
61) MP 28/II Parts kit that was in excellent plus condition. It was only cut through the area behind the safety notched area, the ejector port (mag well was removed first) and at the front of the tube behind the front sight. Wood was excellent. Kit included one magazine.
62) BREN Gun Mark II parts kit in wooden transport case.
63) BREN Gun Mark II parts kit in wooden transport case.
64) BREN Gun Mark II parts kit, the receiver was almost finished, perhaps 95% welded and had the Mid Western Metal full auto bolt block welded in. All of the semi-auto modifications were complete but were a little different than those of Mid Western Metals. Overall condition of parts were excellent. I purchased this from a member of the 1919a4 Forum several years ago.
65) BREN Gun Mark II parts kit. I only saw this in photographs as I purchased after I was home on leave. It was still in the box it was shipped in but from the photographs I received of it, it had an early three saw cut  receiver with an extra barrel. It had the so-called forward assault grip. Complete with magazine.
66) A semi-automatic welding jig that may have number 64 still on it, I welded the receiver when I was home and cannot remember if I pulled the jig or not. It has the extra space on the right side to install (weld) the full auto bolt block.
67) Five PPSH 41 drum magazines, four in canvas carriers, all very good plus condition.
68) MG 42, German kit with four nice torch cuts, front not cut, have anti-air craft sight fitting on top of front section and new internal boost unit. Barrel almost new condition.
69) MG 34/42 original German Belt loading machine in its original can carrying case. I paid premium price for this excellent loading machine.
70) Trapdoor 1873 Springfield rifle, manufactured in 1875 for NY Milita. The rifle is in very good plus condition from photographs but I never saw it as it was purchased from Gunbroker this fall and shipped to my Arizona address for storage. It is in 45-70 cal and is a full length rifle.
71) A large box of STEN gun kits, there were ten MK II's, and three MK III's and one Mk V in the box. Most were old saw cut kits that I purchased over the past ten years. There were several 16 inch barrels (I think three) in addition to the original barrels. There were a mix of loop and T stocks with two extra T stocks. There was only one semi-auto modified bolt in the bunch with the rest being original and three brass bolts. I had five of the semi-auto tubes with the template bounded on that are sold on Gunbroker.
72) Last kit purchased was a MG 42 with mixed 53 parts. Receiver was mostly welded except for the riveting of the internal rails. The front shroud was not connected to the rear. The receiver has the anti-auto pin block in front of the pistol grip opening. Unique to this kit was how the original internal rail rivets were removed with a grinder that left large grinding marks on the receiver that will have to be filled with welding rod. There was a semi-auto pistol grip with all semi-auto parts (hammer fire) installed and the bolt was modified for semi auto (slit for hammer). Top feed cover marked 1395 and receiver marked at end S.M. 555k svq. There were five 50 round belts with the kit and a small blue coffee can filled with small parts.
73) One WWII manufactured Webley .45 ACP revolver with a very dirty issued canvas holster. This was my father's WWII war souvenir. It was stored in a fire proof safety box with 150 rounds of WWII Colt manufactured ammunition still in their original boxes. There were several (I believe five half moon clips required to use with this ammunition). The pistol was manufactured as a 45 ACP caliber gun, not remarked from .455 as most. The barrel was in very rough condition it was never cleaned after us except by me. The thieves busted the box open and took everything in it to include the CO2 air pistol by Crosman that I had been given when I was ten years old.
   Please advise if you see or are offered any of these items. They were stolen from a high security rental unit that I rent in Tucson, Arizona as I am stationed with the US Army in Germany. Thanks Harry

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Feb 10 09 3:13 PM

I'm very sorry to hear of your loss's Harry, was this recent? I certainly hope they catch the b*****ds!
Can't believe it was from a lockup, thought those places were meant to be secure??

Have you placed this notice in the WAForum, plenty of the right people on there to help look out for your stuff with a lot of users being in the US.

Best wishes Simon

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